Filter to Pasted Values in Spotfire

In this post I’ll show you how to filter to a custom list of values that you paste into Spotfire. This use case derives from a question I’ve been asked several times: “How can I paste a list of API numbers (from something like Excel) into Spotfire and quickly filter to those values.” For the non-oil and gas audience, an API number is just a unique identifier for an oil or gas well – it doesn’t have to be API number, it can be any data type, but this is a common use case for oil and gas.

This can be really useful when you have a data table with hundreds or thousands of unique values, and you quickly want to find a small group that you’re interested in. The problem is that finding the values in a filter can be very time consuming, and often times you have a list of values from some other software (excel, an email, etc) that you want to view in Spotfire. For example, let’s say you have Spotfire connected to competitor data from something like IHS or Drilling Info and someone sends you a list of wells that you need to evaluate. The easiest thing would be to just copy those wells and paste them into Spotfire, and have it automatically find and filter to those wells. This is possible, and it takes just a few minutes to configure!

In this blog post I’ll show you how to set this up in Spotfire very quickly using a Property Control and a Data Function using a very simple TERR script. You’ll end up with an input box that you can paste into, and some visualizations that will show the values that you pasted in, like the screenshot below. In this example I’ll be using API numbers, but you can input any list of values, whether it’s a well identifier like API, UWI, PROPNUM, etc, a list of Operators, or something completely different.

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How to Perform Calculations in Spotfire Cross Tables – Part 3

This is the third post in a three-part series related to calculations with a Cross Table visualization in TIBCO Spotfire. This one focuses on how to add interaction to a cross table calculation by dynamically updating the cross table. I’ll show you how to tie a drop-down list to a calculated column that’s used in a cross table calculation.

CLICK HERE To download the Spotfire template shown in the video.

Image 1- Cross Table with Drop Down List Inputs

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