How to Forecast Data with TIBCO Spotfire

I’ve received several questions recently about forecasting future values in TIBCO Spotfire. Forecasting in Spotfire can be tricky because it’s hard to add rows to your data table. Unlike Excel, you can’t just drag down a formula. It is possible to forecast in Spotfire, and fairly simple once you learn the steps, but it’s definitely not straightforward or obvious.

Forecasting Data with Spotfire
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How to Color Line Charts in Spotfire with a Property Control

Do you get frustrated when you set the colors in a Spotfire chart, only to see them change after updating the expression, aggregation method, or display name? In this video, I’ll show you how to assign a color to a document property to make the document property update not only the values on a chart, but also the color.


Click here to download the Spotfire file shown in the screenshot!

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