Use a drop down menu to control chart axis in Spotfire

In this demo, I’ll show you how to use the Property Control feature in Spotfire to create a custom drop down menu to¬†control a chart axis. There are several benefits of using a drop down to control the axis instead of the default axis selector:

  • De-clutter the menu, only see the relevant columns
  • Change multiple graphs with one click
  • Only graph certain values from a column
  • Prevent users from changing the axis, but still show the label for that graph

Watch the video below, and download the video transcript [ninja-popup ID=1496]by Clicking Here [/ninja-popup]

Next week’s post: ¬†When to check the “None” box in your property control.

If the embedded video above isn’t working, this video is also on YouTube:

5 thoughts on “Use a drop down menu to control chart axis in Spotfire

  1. Dana Reply

    Hi Kyle. For data template used in this video, I don’t think it match the download link. The file I download is for OVER function but not for this video. Please check it. Appreciate your training video again!

  2. Kevin Reply

    How do you set two drop down menus to change the bar chart? Say like one chart for field and another for another set of variables.

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