Learn 3 simple tips to make your Spotfire projects stand out
The first Spotfire project I ever published looked like garbage
  Kyle LaMotta
That's because I was new and had no idea where to start or any examples to go off of.
What if there was a proven checklist you could follow to create user-friendly, professional looking Spotfire projects? What if you could easily build Spotfire dashboards with:
  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Customized menus, buttons, and filters
  • Intuitive workflows to guide your Spotfire users
Contrary to what you may think, there is a checklist you can follow to achieve these goals.
These solutions are easy to implement, but it takes a long time to discover the most effective strategies on your own.
My name is Kyle LaMotta, and I am the founder of Datafuel.
I've seen & built hundreds of Spotfire projects over the past several years. Over this time, I've noticed what stands out in the most effective Spotfire projects.  Drawing on that experience, I've distilled the Top 3 Things you need to know to build eye catching, user-friendly Spotfire projects that will impress your colleagues, boss, and clients. 
For example...
Navigation in Spotfire can be challenging, especially if your Spotfire file has a lot of pages.  How can you quickly navigate between pages? How do you organize related pages together? Which pages are most important? What if there are so many tabs you can't see all of the pages?
Luckily there is a simple solution for this, with no programming skills required - all you need to know is how to use the Text Area.
A quick tip for dealing with navigation issues can be found in the "Checklist for Pro Spotfire Projects", along with other great tips for taking your Spotfire projects to the next level.
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